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Mr. Sam Bean going over Business Opportunity at the Hilton Post Oak in Houston, Texas Jan.2, 2020!

Sam & Kim Bean have been in the world business for over 18 years and still looking to assist people on being financially free on a global mission no matter what country,city or island you live on, they are here to service the masses on a grand stage!

Having being in the presence of Mr. Sam Bean and talking with him, I have always admired his determining Spirit and the no nonsense attitude when it comes to helping people to live their dreams! He quoted this statement which I have posted in the next paragraph, this is the reason people are following them from all walks of life!

Too many people treat their future like it's the lotto; "They throw money at business ventures and hope that it pays off. Then they spend even more time making excuses why it failed!"

News Flash, "It didn't fail, you did!" The "Wealthy" and the "Well Off" invest some of their time, energy and effort where they invest their money.

It takes purpose, discipline, focus, courage, commitment and most of all belief in yourself! Alot of the things I just mentioned I never had til I found my purpose, then I developed the rest!

Sam Bean also shares a crucial point to those who want to have success!

Traveling is the ultimate method of relieving stress and re-energizing yourself. Anytime you take a trip and go back to work you are energized and excited. More importantly, I had a better attitude and my production and results exceeded everyone else's in the company. I started going on trips 3 to 4 times a year after the first trip I ever took to Cancun. Fast forward 20 years and Not only do I travel once or twice a month, but now they pay me to. I'm inviting you to take a look at my program as Membership has it's privileges. Take a look at it from the business aspect or from a customer savings perspective. Either way, we should talk

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