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Samuel Bean- First Trip to Santa Domingo

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Sam is launching a New Business Concept that is sweeping the country and around the world!

Building Networks, Improving People Lives! Mr. Samuel Bean is sweeping the country and the world with a New Business Concept that is getting everyone's attention! What is this new business? and why are people gathering to learn more about it? See for yourself.

ibuumerang Opportunity!!!

Whether you hear this name before or it is your first time hearing it, people from all walks of life are gathering to learn more about this new concept created by a elite group of business owners who want to change the way network marketing is looked upon.

Creating A New Travel Opportunity!!!

A new Travel opportunity which benefits people from all walks of life to save up to 50% booking their Hotel, rental car, cruises, and much more...

Stunning The World with This New Concept!

Samuel Bean The Traveling Entrepreneur.

Mr. Samuel Bean has been traveling the world spreading the message on this New Business Concept since it's announcement on March 11, 2019. He has not slowed down but traveling tirelessly giving the world a new and better way to generate income by assisting people who travel on a regular basis to save money,booking their trips whether it is local or abroad. He states that ibuumerang is really a technology company which uses travel as a platform to save customers behind the curtain savings on hotel, rental car, cruises and much more. Well since you put it that way, I see why people are eager to hear what Mr. Bean have to say about this incredible opportunity!

Get Involved

Want to learn more about this opportunity? Get in touch with Mr. Sam Bean and he will give you the grand tour of this incredible business!

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